5 ways to change up your routine

“Stay present for the ‘now’ of your life. It’s the point of power” Doug Dillon

Sometimes a little change is all we need to regain inspiration. These are some of the things I’ve done to help get myself out of a rut.

1. Add some life to your home.
Change up anything in your house. Even if it is just as small as adding a new rug, or a couple of new pictures. Changing your surroundings can effect your mood. For example, I used to keep the color theme of my room dark, then I changed it to lighter happier colors blues and purples. When I shifted from the dark to light colors I really noticed a change

2. Go for a run.
Go somewhere new and get out if the house. This is a must. Going somewhere new can instantly inspire you. Try going to a park that you’ve never been to. Even better, invite a couple of friends and go for a walk or a jog.

3. Try doing something you wouldn’t normally do.
For me it’s this blog. Try making/doing something that you’ve never done before and see if you can learn from it. Looking for something to do? Try going to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yt1z9pZRVWk for some ideas.

4. Take a class outside of your major
If you are still in school take a class that is outside of your major that interests you. For example I am a physical anthropology major, but I am also interested in history. Instead of taking all biological anthropology classes, I am also adding a history seminar into my schedule. Not in school? Watch/read/research a topic you’re interested. Netflix has a great documentary section!

5. Meet up with friends you haven’t seen in awhile
I know since moving away and finishing school that I have stopped connecting with some of my old friends. Reaching out to them is one of the best ways I re-inspire myself. You can learn from everyone, and sometimes having a great conversation can help recenter yourself.


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